I had been building this guitar for myself, little by little, over the period of almost a year. I completed it just as my good old boy Charlie decided to take his leave of planet Earth. I named the guitar in his memory.

This is my original plantilla which is slightly larger than a Romanillos guitar. It is loosely based on a lovely Robert Mattingly guitar I owned. I pulled in the waist and gave the outline a more graceful silhouette. This guitar features a cedar soundboard and some very interesting bees wing cocobolo. Additionally, the back and sides are lined with Pau Ferro and Indian rosewood. The back is arched and layed-up with carbon fiber cloth and epoxy. It's slightly heavier than a traditional guitar, but the sound is big and roomy with lots of sustain yet with no loss of clarity and brightness.

An all-wood lattice bracing with open harmonic bars in the upper bout has yielded a truly powerful, natural and open sounding guitar. The elevated fingerboard makes it a dream to play notes above the 12 fret. I don't want to play anything else.