Haselfichte European spruce.
Select, quarter sawn Madagascar Rosewood.
Jose Romanillos plantilla.
7 Fan braced with a slanted treble bar.
Flamed Mahogany neck.
French Polish finish.
Klaus Scheller machines.
Gold Evo fretwire.
Handmade appointments.

From the recipient of this guitar-

Aesthetics wise, the displayed pictures are adequate in showing off the beauty of the guitar, but do not do justice to the impeccable workmanship involved: the perfect execution of the Romanillos style V-joint; the sharp, even, well defined carving lines of the recessed headstock; the tasteful binding & purfling; the invisible seams of the resawn Madgascar rosewood back... The playabilty of the instrument is also excellent, thanks to the well crowned EVO gold frets and well-shaped neck. In fact, my only regret is that the scale is 650 mm instead of 645 mm (for my small hands). I opted for the "standard" scale for the purpose of retaining the "resale" value, shame on me for not having enough confidence in the Master.

As for the sound, the intonation is dead on for the strings that Jason installed. The bass notes are firm, resonant and powerful. However, we all know that most competent guitar builders are capable of producing good basses, it is the quality of the trebles that separates the masters from the pretenders. The guitar generates not just singing trebles but highly lyrical ones with a breathy, human like voice with plenty of formants. I particularly like the mid range notes from the G-string which are purely magical. I suspect that the slanted treble bar on the sound board has something to do with this magics. I wish I could provide a sound sample, but unfortunately I have neither the time, the skill nor the wherewithal to do the instrument justice.

In summary, I would recommend this builder to any one without any reservations.